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Tattooing with Cartridge Needles | 6 Tips

If you're just starting out, you might not have much experience with cartridge needles. They come in many different sizes and configurations. Regardless of the brand you choose, high-quality needles are essential for creating top-notch tattoos.

Here are six tips for selecting the right cartridge needle and configuration.


Check the Needle Quality

There are many different manufacturers of cartridges producing similar needle configurations. Like anything else, there will be slight variations in products depending on the brand.

Before finalizing your choice, it's crucial to scrutinize the needle's quality. Look for consistency in needle sharpness, ensuring each needle is free from defects such as bends or burrs.

Additionally, examine the needle's tip to ensure it's intact and properly aligned. By meticulously inspecting each needle, you'll ensure optimal performance and precision during tattooing sessions.

Once satisfied with the quality, you can confidently select the right configuration for your needs.

And when it comes to premium quality and reliability, ProLine Cartridge stands as a trusted industry leader, offering a diverse selection of top-tier products tailored to meet the demands of tattoo professionals.

Test Needle Stability

When you receive a new batch of cartridges with needles, you can test the stability by gently tapping the back of the needle. High-quality cartridges from ProLine Cartridge will stay in place for less ink splatter and more control during tattooing.

A securely placed needle will also reduce dragging for quieter tattoo application.

Examine the Needle Tip

Depending on the brand, the tip of the cartridge, which surrounds the needle, may have a slightly different shape. Of course, you can choose between open or closed tips, but there may also be variations in thickness and design.

Over time, you may develop a preference for the style of tip you use with different needle configurations. Check to make sure you're comfortable tattooing with that particular tip.

Check for Membrane

Membranes prevent backflow of ink and blood into the grip of your tattoo machine, preventing cross-contamination. This makes sterilization between tattoos much easier.

Make sure you're buying cartridges with a membrane that actually works. The advantage of using ProLine Cartridge needles is that the membrane system prevents ink from leaking down the tube onto your hand, keeping your tattoo machine clean.

Membranes can also stabilize your configuration for less vibration and increased stability while working.


Inspect Each Needle in the Box

If you're trying a new brand for the first time, don't forget to check each needle before you start tattooing.

Sometimes, new products will have inconsistencies within the same pack of needles. Inspect each needle you open to ensure it's not defective.

You can rely on industry leaders like ProLine Cartridge to provide you with high-quality and consistent cartridges.

Measure Price Against Quality

There are countless brands producing cartridge needles at different price points. Price doesn't always equate to quality. You can find excellent needles at an affordable price with ProLine Cartridge.

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