Close-up view of a Pro-Line Premium Cartridges cartridge, held by a hand wearing black gloves. The cartridge is the focal point of the image, displaying intricate details and branding. In the background, multiple Pro-Line Premium Cartridges boxes are stacked, adding context to the product's availability.

We set the gold standard – and then exceeded it

We have spent years perfecting our product and seeking uncompromising results. One of the highest quality cartridge needles on the market, trusted by countless professionals every day.

Photograph featuring both a CNC Police Semi-Textured Round Magnum (RM-STX) cartridge and a CNC Police Tattoo Needle Cartridge in the Round Liner configuration. The cartridges are displayed side by side, showcasing their respective designs for versatile tattooing applications.

CNC POLICE Cartridges

Now firmly established in markets worldwide! Offering top-tier needles at unbeatable prices! If you haven't had the opportunity to experience them yet, seize it now - satisfaction guaranteed!

Photograph featuring two Pro Line cartridges positioned side by side. One cartridge is a Magnum configuration, while the other is a Liner. The contrast between the two cartridges showcases the variety offered by Pro Line, catering to different tattooing needs and preferences.

ProLine® Cartridges

ProLine has always been a pioneer at the forefront of technologies, dedicated to providing tattoo artists with entirely new experiences. Ensuring you and your clients seamless experiences every time.

Photograph showing two Mast Pro Tattoo Cartridges Needles next to each other. One cartridge is a liner and the other is a magnum, showcasing the variety of needle configurations available.

MAST PRO Cartridges

An innovative brand of tattoo equipment that seamlessly merges advanced technology with a profound respect for tattoo culture.

Photograph of the Nautical set from Soul Ink, containing six blue shades: Navy Seals Blue, Bangkok Blue, Rainbow Blue, Fountain Blue, Algarve Aqua, and Dead Sea. The vibrant hues of blue are displayed, offering a diverse range of options for tattooing.

Soul Ink

NAUTICAL Ink Set | Nautical Set 6x30ml

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Photograph of the Asia set from Soul Ink, featuring a mixture of eight different colors inspired by Asian culture. The set offers a diverse range of vibrant hues, reflecting the rich and diverse colors found in Asian art and traditions.

soul ink

Asia Ink Set | Collection Asia 8x30ml

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Photograph of the Beginners set from Soul Ink, featuring 24 essential colors curated for novice tattoo artists. This comprehensive set provides a wide range of colors necessary for various tattooing styles and techniques, catering to the needs of beginners in the tattooing industry.

soul ink

Soul Ink Set | Ready set with 24x30ml

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