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ProLine® Cartridges | all sizes

ProLine® Cartridges | all sizes

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20 pieces/box


Top-notch products that are already well-established in the Bulgarian market and require no advertisement!

If you haven't had the opportunity to work with them, don't hesitate, they won't disappoint you!

Delivery timeframe

All orders placed on the Pro Line website are processed within 1 to 3 business days following confirmation of the order by the customer.

Once your order is processed by our staff, you will receive an email with tracking information.

Deliveries to offices and addresses in Bulgaria are handled by courier companies Econt and Speedy.

A sharp, comfortable and safe solution when it comes to top quality tattoo equipment. Using the premium ProLine cartridges, you'll notice how the ink flow is smoothly and evenly distributed throughout the process, with our improved needle for sharp and ultra-precise work in every direction.

ProLine is always a pioneer at the forefront of technology and is always dedicated to offering tattoo artists a completely new experience. Ensuring you and your customers have a seamless experience every time. ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎


Why you should choose ProLine®

  • An improved needle designed for sharp and extremely precise work in every direction - while causing less injury to the client's skin.

  • Smooth rebound and low resistance, perfectly matched with the Faulhaber motor.

  • Protective silicone membrane for safe and quality work, preventing ink from getting into your equipment.

  • Clear tip for easy ink viewing.

  • 100% EO gas sterilized and individually wrapped, with stainless steel surgical needle and medical grade plastic sheath.

  • Decades of experience in tattoo needle manufacturing: a product designed for a safe, smooth and precise experience. ‎ 
Sketch of the Pro-Line Premium Cartridges Roundliner. The drawing depicts a sleek and cylindrical cartridge design with a rounded tip. The label indicates 'Roundliner' with the Pro-Line Premium Cartridges branding, suggesting precision and quality in its performance.


The ProLine Cartridge is another important product in the field of tattoo needles, made of high quality stainless steel and medical grade materials.

All needles are sterilized with ethylene oxide, passed FDA and CE tests and finally certified. 

ProLine needles have been tested by numerous professional tattoo artists around the world and continue to improve thanks to feedback from our customers.

It allows you to change the tattoo needle in seconds and switching between configurations has never been easier.

The sterile and individually wrapped tattoo needle saves you from worrying about hygiene while creating your tattoo, and even the classic color combination gives a sense of stability.

ProLine is the final product of numerous customer interactions and feedback, using a color combination and design that not only makes customers feel confident and professionally at ease, but also makes you more efficient at work. ‎

Photograph featuring a hand wearing black gloves holding a Pro-Line Premium Cartridges cartridge. Below the hand, various cartridges with packages are arranged, showcasing the product range. In the background, a Pro-Line Premium Cartridges box is visible, adding context to the assortment. The composition highlights the brand's diversity and quality.


  • Configuration: Round Liner/RL, Round Shader/RS, Round Magnum/RM, Flat Magnum/M1
  • Quantity per box: 20 pieces
  • Transparent tip
  • One shape body
  • Medical plastic tips
  • Protective membrane
  • Compatible with most machines on the market


Photograph of a hand wearing black gloves holding a box filled with Pro Line Cartridges brand cartridges. The box is positioned in the center of the photo, with the cartridges visible inside. The background behind the box is blurred, emphasizing the focus on the product being held.


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