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Tattoo needle cleaning machine

Tattoo needle cleaning machine

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Tattoo needle cleaning machine

Design with recognition sensor for easy use

The Pro Line needle cleaning machine is equipped with advanced sensor recognition technology, ensuring hassle-free cleaning.

This innovative device automatically releases water when the needle approaches the needle washer, eliminating the need for manual switching and improving convenience and efficiency.

Automatic activation: The built-in recognition sensor detects the proximity of the needle and automatically activates the water flow, saving time and effort.

Hygienic design: The flushing bag is designed for single use, preventing contamination and providing a clean and safe environment for each session.

Ease of use: Simply bring the machine close to the needle washer and the machine will do the rest, making the cleaning process quick and easy.

Compact and efficient: The compact design of the tattoo cleaning machine makes it easy to place in any workspace, providing efficient cleaning without taking up much space.

Improve your tattoo studio with the Pro Line tattoo cleaner, which combines convenience, efficiency and hygiene in one elegant device.

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